Kauai Wedding Ceremony

Authentic Hawaiian / Christian Weddings -  

Kahu / minister David Thomas Moliawa Leialoha blows the conch shell to begin your ceremony followed by a Hawaiian blessing. As part of the Hawaiian ceremony the minister opens a coconut where the bride and groom drink coconut water signifying their union as one. 

After the exchanging of vows the rings are blessed with salt water and Ti leaf. Once the couple has made their commitment to each other  a lei exchange is preformed

as their first gift to each other.

Just before the the couple is pronounced husband and wife the minister plays the scared 'Ohe  hano Inu / nose flute as a special blessing.

After the cermony guests and friends congratulate the couple.


Ceremony Details


Pu- Conch shell

Represents opening of the sacred Marriage Ceremony 

Nui- Coconut

Represents sacred cleansing water is used to hydrate and clear energy

Pa'akai- Red Hawaiian Salt

Sacred red salt from Kawaii island waters and red dirt earth used for flavorant and preservative

Ohe Iha - Nose Flute

Sacred Hawaiian nose flute is our personal blessing to end the ceremony.